Personal Educational philosophy


Directions: Answer each of the questions which follow clearly, individually, and provide references for the information you use to create your answers. You are to work individually on this exam. It is all essay format, and each question stands alone. You do not need to provide a cover sheet for this work. 2 sources per question with one being the Gutek Book: Historical and Philosophical foundations of Education, 5th. 3 to 5 paragraphs per answer.

1. From Part I of the Gutek text book, list and describe the Historical and Philosophical foundations of Education.

2. From Part II of the Gutek textbook, fully discuss the contributions of John Calvin to our educational system today. Be thorough in your answer, but not lengthy. Limit: 2 pages!!!

3. From Part III of the Gutek textbook, discuss the impact which Horace Mann has had on education, including a historical analysis from his day through today.

4. What is “Liberation Pedagogy” and how does it influence our modern approach to education including how we go about the business of education.

5. Discuss the concept of “Developmentally Appropriate Practice” and how it relates to “Best Practices” for all students. How do we ensure that the practice of our schools today meets the “best practices” standards?

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