Personal Core Values Reflection

To access the official Task Instructions and Grading Rubric, please click on the “View Task” links on your main D082 Course of Study page.

A. Personal Values

Explain your top FOUR personal core values (e.g., accountability, honesty, integrity, respect, loyalty, fairness, etc.) with detail on “why” they are personally meaningful to you (it is recommended to use these words in your responses). (Unit 2: Module 2)


B. Compare Values

Evaluate EACH of your FOUR core values from Part A “align” or “misalign” (it is recommended to use these words in your responses) to Alliah’s values and social responsibility.

TIP: Be sure to explain why and provide examples from the scenario to support your answers.


C1. Explanation of Improvements

Explain TWO potential ways that Alliah’s leadership will improve their Cultural Intelligence by working with a more diverse group of stakeholders. (Unit 3: Modules 4 and 5)

TIP: The two ways should be different and could include an action item to improve Cultural Intelligence or an outcome of improved Cultural Intelligence.  Please provide examples from the scenario to support your answers.


C2. Explanation of Potential Challenges

Explain with a specific example, how Alliah’s leadership would overcome a potential diversitychallenge that may arise when working with Alliah’s diverse group of stakeholders.

TIP: The challenge should be related to diversity and not a general business challenge. Please provide examples from the scenario to support your answers. Be sure to thoroughly identify what the diversity challenge would be for Alliah and then explain “how” Alliah would overcome the challenge. 

  1.  Potential diversity challenge: 
  1. Actions that Alliah would take to overcome this diversity challenge: 

C3. Hofstede and Communication

Explain how an aspect of Hofstede’s six-dimensions of culture can help Alliah respectfully communicate with Alliah’s diverse work culture. (Unit 3: Module 4)

TIP:  For additional help, please review the LinkedIn videos found on the Course Resources page. 

1. Identify the Hofstede dimension that you will use: 

2. Describe the characteristics of the Hofstede dimension you identified above and explain HOW Alliah will use the dimension’s characteristics to help the company respectfully communicate with their diverse workforce: 

D. References

D. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

TIP: If a source is quoted or paraphrased, please include pertinent information in this section that includes the author, title, date, and location of the source. Please see the Citing Sources document found on the Course Resource Page for additional APA assistance.

E. Professional Communication

E. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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