Perimeter Design Project


A major pharmaceuticals company named “Visor” has enlisted the help of your services to reengineer the network security of one of their sister sites overseas. Given its remote location, the network has seriously been neglected and has been the cause of recent network intrusions and intellectual property loss. Your job is to present a design that will robust (or replace) the site’s current lacking security posture. Luckily, Visor is a worldwide company with large amounts of capital to back your decisions.


The project will be graded to the extent at which major vulnerabilities are mitigated. As of now, you should know how to implement Routers, Firewalls, Proxies, and IDS/IPS systems. By the end of the semester, the rest of the infrastructure used in the project will be covered. The actual design can be accomplished using any form of editor, but Microsoft Visio is recommended. Along with the network diagram, a written portion should be attached that explains how and why you decided to modify the network. By the end of week 6, students will be expected to post their completed assignments in the Discussion Board section labeled “Perimeter Design Project”. During the final week, students will be expected to conduct a peer review of at least two other students’ projects. The critique should include comments, criticisms with supporting arguments, and thoughtful responses to proposal ideas. The peer review should be at least 3 paragraphs and posted to blackboard no later than the end of the week. There is no required length for this project. However, you will be graded on the content and strength of the design. This is an open design meaning the format and layout is entirely up to you. At the completion of the project, you should have a product that is ready to be delivered to the company’s Chief Security Officer (CSO). Be as creative as you want.

Parts Points Possible
Network Diagram 20pts
Written Explanation 40pts
Grammar / Technical Accuracy 20pts
Peer Review 20pts
Total: 100pts

Network Details:

              Visor’s main host pool is made up of Windows XP machines with Window SP3 installed upon deployment. As a way to increase network bandwidth (they are using a T1), Windows automatic updates has been disabled and the responsibility of patching has gone to the small IT staff. However, they haven’t had much time for maintenance with all of the recent malicious activity. In the last corporate security review, it

was revealed that the site’s security plan had never made it out of draft and that pages were missing since its creation almost ten years ago. None of the users mentioned having ever been told what constitutes “acceptable use”.

Network Layout:

Oval: 6
  1. The AB&B Business T-1 service terminates at a new Catalyst 6000 series gateway router that was unwrapped and placed on the network. The AB&B technicians only configured the static routes back to Visor’s corporate network
  2. The VPN server is used to allow workers access to the network from home.
  3. The Windows 2000 file server houses most of the site’s backup files, customer records, and corporate information.
  4. Since this is a small network (less than 200 employees) a series of Cisco 2950 switches serves as the network’s backbone
  5.  A generic hub separates all of the site’s core services and operational departments. A wireless access point is available for clients who have the need.
  6. Since Visor wants to keep personal internet use off the production machines, they have crafted a policy (though never enforced) that states all employees must use the lounge to conduct personal business on the internet.


  1. The Microsoft Visio Template is available for use modification. You do not have to use it.

Feel free to ask questions! 

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