Performance Management

Directions: Provide an initial response to only one option below.  Your response should state which option you chose and be one or two paragraphs long. Draw on information provided in chapters ten or the required videos (provide at least one citation) when addressing your selected option. Be sure to review the discussion rubric for assessment criteria. Remember, no reference is needed for the required text; however, provide a link or an APA reference for other outside sources cited in your response. Finally, you must reply to twoof your peers original postings.

Option 1: Effective performance management has a number of components beginning with a performance-focused organizational culture. Describe a performance-focused culture and its relationship with employee training and development.

Option 2: Performance appraisals can be done informally or systematically. What are some of the pros and cons of each approach? Do you prefer one approach over the other? Why?

Option 3: The appraisal feedback interview is a vital part of any appraisal system. Describe a past experience with the feedback interview. Were you the employee or the supervisor? How did your experience compare with the process described in chapter ten?

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