Performance Expectations and Controls

Create a table/document for performance expectations and controls related to a personal or professional goal (for instance, passing the RHIA national certification examination, or the CPHIMS, losing weight, or earning an A grade; the choice is yours). The table/chart may be in MS Word (table format) or spreadsheet format, and posted directly into the forum with a written overview of your expectations along with the table (please do not upload the document) but should contain the following:

Section I: Establish performance expectations. Identify and state at least one expectation of performance you have selected.
Section II: Establish controls on performance. Describe what controls or methods for monitoring performance you could use (or use) to gather data on your performance relative to that expectation.
Section III: Type(s) of controls. Classify each control as a “preventative” or “feedback” control.
Section IV: Develop an action plan. If your performance exceeded your expectation, what would you do? In contrast, if your performance was less than your expectation, what would you do?

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