Performance Evaluation

Question 1

compare and contrast HR functions —Indonesia with USA.

To do:

Select 3 different HR functions from the list below: recruitment, orientation, training, supervision, compensation and benefits, human resource development, performance evaluation and/or dismissal, and describe them in Indonesia. Same or different. What is usually used in the United States. Be sure to discuss each feature separately.It is anticipated that your paper will be approximately 2 pages in length.

Question 2

1000-1250 word. APA Format with at least 2 references w/in text citations.

Select an appropriate design for a company (FORD) that should have a change in structure based on the current structure of the organization that will be successful from the international or global perspective. Explain your thinking and reasoning in a paper of the length described above.

Question 3

Many financial newspapers or websites say that the U.S. dollar is the strongest currency in the world. What are your opinions on the US dollar, and other strong currencies. Find an article related to the currency discussion. 100+ words


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