Peer Review

1 Reply to a classmates thread saying, “I will review your paper.” If someone has already replied to a thread with this statement, please find another paper to review.
2 Complete a peer review.
The key to this review is offering a paper with as much content as you can to include for a worthwhile review. Abstracts only is insufficient.
When reviewing your peers paper, answer the following questions:
.1 Does the introduction establish a clear starting point for the paper (a thesis or a focused topic)? Are there any other parts of the draft that would make for a better introduction?
.2 Note problems with grammar, sentence structure, word choice, and other mechanical issues.
.3 Has any significant aspect of the assignment been missed/neglected?
.4 Are there any areas where you would like the writer to have provided more information?
.5 Does the paper’s conclusion synthesize ideas or is it merely repetitive?
.6 Note strengths of the paper. Select the best sentences, phrases, paragraphs, and/or ideas in the paper. What/why do these stand out to you?

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