Peer Review

“Peer Review” – 400-550 words minimum in-depth comprehensive critique (word count at the end) on the results of the project of the student you have been assigned to critique.

Your critique of the other manager’s taskers.  When looking at the following taskers and evaluating them, please respond to these questions within your essay format. Remember this is essay form. Don’t make this a question and then answer type of review. These are areas you should touch on, as you evaluate and write your review. These will not be the only thing the Director will be looking at so feel free to expound past these answers. Separate your critique responses by the taskers so it is easier for the Director to follow your review of the tasks.  Remember this is part of your evaluation as well by the Director.  Do a good job so you can help out the Director.

Tasker 1 Reviewing applicant portfolios and choosing 3:
– Did the student use both the resources provided them in the above links to judge the portfolio professionally?
– Did the student write a graduate-level comprehensive justification as to why they chose each applicant? Would you accept their argument over the other candidates not chosen?
– Did the student state key areas of each applicant’s portfolio that provided them strengths that made them more prepared and better qualified for the position.  Did they support this fully with examples from their portfolio?
– Did they give an overall evaluation of the portfolio as to its professional look and specifically what?

Tasker 2 Choosing Ted Talks:
– Was the response exceeding the word count?
– Was the word count shown?
– Were the Ted Talks material worth the time used to show Management trainees?  Were these good choices?
– Did the student explain to your Director in detail using textual evidence from the book (paraphrased) that will convince your Director this will be well worth the time they take from the class to listen to these videos?
– Did the student use some supporting evidence from the video that will convince your Director this will be well worth the time they take from the class to listen to these videos?

Tasker 3 Origami instructions:
– Can you make the origami duck from following these instructions?
– Are the instructions concrete and succinct?
– Do you believe from this example that this student is experienced in giving instructions to lesser skilled workers?
– What are the strengths and weaknesses from these sets of instructions?

Tasker 4 Infographic with 4 multiple choice questions:
– Do each of the statistics on the infographic support the specific topic?
– Are the statistics coming from a reliable source?
– Are the sources cited below the infographic?
– Are the graphics imaginative or mundane in showing elements and stats?
– Does the theme of the graphics support the statistics?  Are people represented by stick figures of people and not horses or something that doesn’t make sense or detracts from the graph?
– Do the graph shapes seem the best for what they represent?  Should a pie chart have been used instead of a bar chart for an area?
– Are the colors complimentary and easy to read?
– Is the infographic professional looking or does it seem rushed or blah?
– Can you see introducing this infographic on your organization’s website page or would it need more work and how?
– Do the multiple-choice questions challenge the manager trainees at a graduate level or are the point and find questions?  What should they have done to make them more interesting?.

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