Pediatric Literature Application – Clinical Assignment

Journal Article “Pediatric Palliative Care: A literature review of best practices in oncology nursing education programs”.

Authors: Negrete, Tabitha Nicole; Tariman, Joseph D.2

Cite only Journal Article above, APA style

Write a brief summary of the article and apply the topic to Pediatric nursing care.

Use the Grading Rubric (below) to guide your article

A. Summary.

Paper includes 3 Criteria:

1) Contains a brief summary of the article.

2) Summary includes all pertinent information.

3) Problem or topic is clearly stated.

B. Application.

Paper includes 3 criteria:

1) Identifies 2 specific Pediatric clinical objectives in the wording of the paper numbered objectives on your clinical evaluation sheet.

2) Relates how the article’s topic applies to the 2 Pediatric  objectives.

3) Additionally, lists at least 2 specific ways the article can apply to your Pediatric nursing practice.

Pediatric Clinical Objectives



1.Provides humanistic, altruistic, compassionate, and empathetic client-centered caring interventions for the childbearing or childrearing family safely and competently within the parameters of individual knowledge and experience.

2.Formulates and implements nursing care based on the social, developmental, spiritual, and cultural needs of the patient and family.

3.Integrates cultural values, beliefs, and practices into the planning and implementation of caring interventions.

4.Demonstrates sensitivity in caring for the needs of the childbearing or childrearing family.

5. Shows respect for human dignity and is nonjudgmental in patient and family interactions.



1. Uses the nursing process to formulate, implement, evaluate and modify individualized plans of nursing care for the  childrearing family that demonstrates and incorporates critical thinking, evidence based practice, sound decision making, cultural  sensitivity, spirituality, developmental level, and uniqueness of each patient and family.

2. Provides nursing care to patients safely, accurately, and competently.

3. Recognizes the need for and implements, evaluates, and modifies teaching plans.

4. Uses principles of growth and development to apply the nursing process to patients of various ages.

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