patrol strategy

Part I.


Dallas is experiencing an increase in purse snatching in its downtown area. The problem appears to be localized within two specific parts of the city. In response to this crime pattern, the police department wants to implement foot patrol strategy in one of the targeted areas. This strategy will require staffing non-motorized officers to specifically work these beats (e.g. foot, bicycle, mounted police) and be generally visible in an effort to deter would be purse snatchers and supplement the currently assigned patrol officers. The cost (in overtime salary) of this program is prohibitive, as the program will require paying off-duty officers, so the City Council wants to know if the program will be effective at reducing purse snatching. You been hired you as a consultant to conduct a study to determine whether this policing strategy will reduce purse snatchings.

Design a study to assess the effectiveness of the foot patrol strategy for reducing purse snatching. This design must include:

1) At least three null hypotheses and alternative hypothesis based on a theoretical framework.

2) Briefly describe how questions are consistent with theory used.

3) Identification of the independent and dependent variable(s) and attributes.

3) How will these variables be conceptually defined, operationally measured, and level of measurement?

4) A discussion of the research design you would implement and why?

5) Identify what type of analysis will be conducted for the study. Justify your choice of analytical strategy, based on the study’s independent and dependent variables, and their levels of measurement.

6) Discuss at least four plausible threats to validity (internal and external) and how those can be minimized.

7) Identify at least three ethical issues that are potentially problematic and what safeguards will be implemented.

Part II.


Over the past year two years, there has been a dramatic increase in retaliatory attacks direct against police officers, respectively. For example, six police officers in Dallas, Texas were ambushed and killed last year. This infamous event was the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9-11. In reaction to these current events, a police officer association has hired you to design a survey to explore officer safety concerns.

Design a survey instrument to measure police fear of victimization while on duty. Remember when constructing survey questions to avoid double-barreled questions, jargon, and prestige bias. Sentences need to be clearly written, mutually exclusive and exhaustive.

1) Include at least five nominal level descriptor variables and corresponding attributes if needed.

2) Include at least three open ended questions.

3) Include at least three direct responses.

4) Include at least seven closed or force-choice responses.

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