Patients Reaction

Question 1

Consider the following scenario as you respond to the discussion questions below:
You are the department manager for a thriving orthopedic center that is part of an integrated delivery system (IDS).
The IDS is owned by a national corporation, with varying sized health care facilities from coast to coast.
The chief executive officer (CEO) of the IDS is considering approving procurement of a surgical robotic unit for your center, at the recommendation of the system’s chief of surgery.
Primary Task Response: Given the scenario above, you are asked to discuss the economic factors that must be considered prior to the purchase of the surgical robotic unit.
In a post of 300-500 words, respond to the following questions:

• Who are the stakeholders in this scenario (both internal and external)?
• What is the impact to the various stakeholders of acquiring a surgical robotic unit?
• What are the external and internal factors that will impact the decision?
• How might consumers (patients) react?
• How will acquiring this technology impact the organization’s ability to compete?

Question 2

You have been asked to develop a quality improvement (QI) process for your medical facility employer. You have previously established the skill sets required for QI team members. The chief information officer has asked you what areas you will be analyzing and how you will determine if your project was successful or not


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