Passage Summaries

Overview- Module 4

When you use sources in your paper, you will need to either quote, paraphrase, or summarize the information. Summaries are used for longer passages; they provide a brief, overview of the source, using new and unique phrasing.


Using 3 to 4 sentences, summarize the document you have selected from the library guide.

Note: Remember to cite any works you use in your assignment. You will not be graded on the citations; the purpose is just to make certain you are practicing using citations.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Summarize the source in three to four sentences.
  • Clearly reference the author’s ideas using your own words.

Guidelines for Submission

Save your work in a Word document and include a page with references. It must be written in MLA or APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.


Caring for an Introvert
A. Give space when needed
I. Introverts usually express signs of exhaustion
B. Don’t assume that they are depressed or sad
I. Asking if they are okay all the time will tire them
C. Don’t consider them arrogant and rude
I. Would rather leave the small talk alone
II. Like to have fun but around others who understand them
a. Will be friends with extroverts and other introverts
I. Extroverts v. Introverts
A. Introverts are misunderstood by extroverts
I. Introverts are considered stubborn, quiet, rude and weird
a. Have lack of communication and care for certain things
B. Extroverts are the life of the party
I. Extroverts are out-going, always on the go, attention seeking
a. Extroverts are afraid to be bored and alone
i. Will do whatever it takes to gain attention and communication
I. Learn how introverts respond
A. They listen very carefully
I. Introverts take in every single word for processing
a. Each sentence and statement get analyzed
i. An introvert will refrain from speaking to listen
ii. Sometimes are misunderstood as dense
iii. Often go back to the thought, thinking about what they should’ve said in that moment
B. Want to be left alone
I. Enjoys the quiet
a. Has time to think, meditate, control feelings
II. Become overly exhausted with communication
a. Will not communicate for long periods of time with friends, family
i. Wants for friends and family to understand that they are not being ignored, the introvert just need space
C. Hate repeating something that they have already said or done
I. Become tired of having to repeat something for a second time
a. Thinks who they are communicating with is not listening
i. Does not like to get cut off if they are repeating from the other person
b. Will avoid the conversation if a third repetition is needed
I. Do extroverts believe in introverts
A. They, in my opinion only want to be around others who are like them
I. Want to keep the conversation going, remain the life of the party
II. Will risk ones own healthy habits for attention
a. Will not sleep to party, maintain a certain perception
b. Unlike extroverts, introverts will sleep the day away if they could
B. Don’t believe in wanting to be alone
I. An extrovert will find themselves bored and possibly fall into depression, unlike an introvert
I. Can extroverts care for introverts
A. Yes, an extrovert who understand an introvert’s behavior can care for them
i. Even if an extrovert doesn’t show care and consideration for an introvert, they can definitely learn, with time

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