Part 2: Privacy, Diversity, and Free Speech


BIOFree, the software corporation, decided to hold the very first annual training on the issues of multiculturalism, diversity, and private property. The corporation has a diverse group of employees, and they wish to handle the issues delicately but firmly. However, this will be a challenge due to some issues which have been brought to the attention of management.

The issues:

Management discovered that a few employees were copying some of the software for their personal use.

During break and sometimes in the work area, there were loud discussions on politics, where some employees criticized the government and freely expressed their political views. Some employees were uncomfortable with the openly expressed views.

BIOFree would also be exporting software and dealing with other countries.

Assignment Directions

Complete the following document in a MS Word Document in APA format. Your document should be one-page, double-spaced, and include title and reference pages. It must follow the APA style, have full sentences, and contain no spelling or grammar errors.

As a manager in BIOFree, how would you address the following issues:

  1. What is the importance of intellectual and private property? What are the consequences of pirating software?
  2. Why openly criticizing the government and engaging in their right to free speech might be offensive to other employees?
  3. How to bridge cultural differences regarding free speech and private property in the corporation?
  4. How to bridge cultural differences regarding private property and intellectual property when working with foreign countries like China?

Assignment Requirements

Cite and reference your sources. Include a cover page and reference page.

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