Paracetamol vs Morphine

Is Paracetamol more effective than Morphine at reducing a patient’s pain score with musculoskeletal pain?

Assignment Brief.

Undertake a literature search and then select one article to critique and then use one of the CASP tools that have been uploaded as a basis for your critique. If you identify weaknesses in the study, state what the weaknesses are and then explain why they are considered to be weaknesses.
Set the scene
Provide a motivator for the reader to want to read on…why is this important?
Tell the reader what you are going to cover and in what order you are going to present the information
Main Body
The Literature Search
This is where you record where you looked for information, explain why you chose those sources, how you carried out your searches and how many results were found. Briefly:
Which databases did you use and why
Show your key words and limiters
Show the number of hits you received
How did you reduce the number of hits to a manageable level?
Did you hand search the literature you found (used their reference list to find further useful articles)?
The article you chose to critique
Why did you choose this article?
Briefly explain the article – research question, methodology, results.
Critique the article
Use the appropriate CASP tool to help guide your critique but remember that you may not be able to answer all of the CASP questions  Don’t get too bogged down in the data analysis
Identify good points as well as bad points in the research
What conclusions can you draw from the article you have critiqued?
What might need to be done in order to improve the study?

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