Paper 3: Program Planning – Partnerships and Stakeholders

Students will describe community stakeholders, partners, and participants and outline their roles in intervention development, implementation, and evaluation. This paper will present findings from the key-informant interview and how findings will impact program development and community engagement. Please follow assignment closely, as the rubric will guide your paper.

Program Objectives.

Briefly introduce the health problem, target population, and impact of the problem on the population. Cite secondary data to support the need for intervention. State the overall program objectives. (1 paragraph)    [4 points]

Partners and Stakeholders.

Define the community or setting for your intervention. Describe the intended participants. Describe specific stakeholders and potential community partners, including their role in the community or setting.       [6 points]

Needs Assessment.

Describe your key informant interview, sharing details as to the subject of the interview and the key findings. Include findings that were consistent with the literature or your expectations, as well as unexpected findings. Describe how findings will impact your approach to program development.    [10 points]

Impact on Program Development.

Based on your findings, select the specific community partners and/or stakeholders you would want to involve in your program development and implementation. Outline their roles (e.g., what would their specific involvement be in intervention development, community engagement, staffing, program implementation, program evaluation). In what way could their involvement increase the success of your program?      [8 points]

References and format. The body of this paper will be no more than 3 double-spaced pages (1 inch margins, Ariel or Times New Roman, 12 point font), not including references. Use APA or AMA guidelines for manuscript formatting.    [4 points]


Follow APA or AMA guidelines. Use clear language and complete and well-developed sentence structure. The presentation of information must be well-organized, supporting the rationale of your project. The paper will be free of grammatical or spelling errors.      [8 points]

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