Paper 2: Experiencing Difference

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Length: 5-7 pages

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In this section of the course, we have focused on how people experience social statuses such as race (ethnicity), social class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.  Each of us lives through these “master statuses” and “they are the filters through which you see and make sense of the world, and in large measure they account for how you are treated and what you notice . . . ”  What are the experiences of privilege and stigma associated with these master statuses? 

In addition to the introductory framework essay, select six of the readings from Section II of the book to answer these questions (using illustrations/examples).  Use and define at least four of the key concepts from this section of the textbook.

Illustrate and discuss the experience of difference based on two of the following master statuses: the experience of race (ethnicity), the experience of social class, the experience of gender, the experience of sexual orientation, the experience of disability.  

In what ways have you personally experienced difference as a result of one or more of these master statuses?  Do you experience privilege or stigma, or both?  Provide examples from your own life to illustrate.

Grading Criteria:

___ (40 points) the student defines and integrates key terms from the course materials.

___ (30 points) the student develops answers and accurately comprehends the course materials.

___ (20 points) the student integrates assigned readings, demonstrating a good understanding of the materials, illustrating with examples.

___ (10 points) the essay is well written using appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence development, and citations.

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