Palliative Setting

Topic: Indigenous cultural practices differ significantly to those of other cultures as a nurse working in a palliative settings. The essay should explore the cultural practices, beliefs and traditions of indigenous people in relation to death and dying and demonstrates an understanding of culturally sensitive nursing care in a palliative setting


1) Introduction- Includes an expertly constructed aim,  and provides an exceptional, clear, comprehensive and concise overview of all major concepts and issues to be addressed in the body of the work.

2) Content– Discussion conveys consistent evidence of synthesis in illustrating understanding of indigenous people’s cultural beliefs and traditions relating to death and dying.

3) Application/analysis-discussion conveys consistent evidence of synthesis being applied to how the nurse would provide culturally appropriate palliative care to a patient and their family. Discussion should expertly supported by current academic research, with superior grasp of current knowledge related to topic evidenced.

4) Conclusion– essay should provide an exceptional, clear, concise, well organized conclusion which expertly and succinctly summarises all the main points raised in the discussion paper and draws this together in an outstanding manner.

5) Academic writing and referencing- APA style. Use direct quotation sparingly and always paraphrase effectively. Use the correct bibliography format 2010 onwards.

Word count :1500

Main Essay : Indigenous Australians cultural practices.

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