(This paper has to be about any kinda manager but has to be someone that can do a interview with to sign a form. and you do not have to say a name or the company they work for.

Section I: Introduction (3–5 pages)
The introduction will include the context within which the leader works:
• A description of the leader’s organization (e.g., the organization’s mission, main
stakeholders, constituents, similar organizations). Note: Do not use the actual
name of the organization or identifying details.
• A description of the setting (e.g., geographical, cultural, socioeconomic) and why
it is relevant to the operation of the organization
• Any other information about the organization or related background that you think
is important to understanding the organization and the leader
Section II: Body (9–10 pages)
• Write a brief profile of the leader you selected. Describe the leader’s contributions
to the organization(s)
o Stakeholders (e.g., “followers,” employees, other leaders, community
o Overall community
o Society, if applicable
• Provide an example of a situation in which the interviewee demonstrated his or
her management abilities. Then provide an example of a situation in which the
interviewee demonstrated his or her leadership abilities. Finally, provide an
example of where the interviewee believes he or she could have demonstrated
management or leadership abilities more successfully, and why.
• Provide an example of management strategies the leader used to address an
organizational problem (e.g., communicating across the organization, dealing
with budget crisis or shortfalls, working with community stakeholders, dealing
with team conflicts)
• Explain specific behaviors the leader engaged in that were appropriate and that
contributed to his or her success.
• Use leadership theory(ies) to explain why the behaviors described led to
• Describe the leader’s style, and provide examples that support your assertion.
• Summarize what you believe to be the leader’s strengths and weaknesses as a
• Identify and describe a potential or actual ethical or legal issue the leader or to a
situation in which the leader was engaged. (Please be sure to ensure the
confidentiality of your interview by leaving out identifying details.)
Conclusion: (3 pages)
• Provide recommendations to improve the leader’s effectiveness within a public or
nonprofit organization.
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• Describe a plan of action that tells specifically how you would implement your
recommendations. Explain how your plan of action is
o Efficient
o Feasible
o Ethical
References should include at least eight scholarly references from academic and
professional journals (other than those provided in the Learning Resources),
organizational literature, and interviews with key organizational actors and experts. Use
the format as outlined in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association.
Tips for conducting the interview:
• Before the interview, try to empty your mind of all preconceptions and factors that
could color your observation of the other’s experience. Do not create fixed
agendas or pre-determined hypotheses. Plan the open-ended questions you will
use. Expect some ambiguity.
• Suspend judgment; try not to comment or inject your opinions. Do not be afraid of
silence. It may be a time for the person you are talking with to gather thoughts
and reflect. Allow the person you are interviewing to “tell his or her story,” and
explain how he or she became associated with the organization, past successes,
past failures, and future challenges.
• Try to create a relaxed atmosphere. Observe body language

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