Organizational Structure

Choose your current organization or one with which you are familiar. You may also use the organization being examined by your team for the course if your organization or your experience cannot support the assignment.

Write in your own words a 700-word paper that assesses the steps of the sourcing process (or supply process as defined in our primary text) as it relates to your current organization or one you are familiar with.

  • Describe the organizational structure (centralized, decentalized, hybrid) supporting the procurement process in your organization
  • Identify the steps in the sourcing process and discuss how each step of the sourcing process is performed
  • Address how the sourcing process can be improved within your organization

Format your paper according to APA standards for 400-level courses.

Instructor Hints for Success: The supply process flowchart shared in Figure 4-2 of our primary text highlights the processes normally used in a commercial enterprise. Taking time to visit your purchasing staff will help with this assignment and the follow-on course assignments. Most organizations have their procurement practices or business rules documented for internal control purposes. There may be checklists available. The forms used for to the process, or the instructions for the procurement portion of the ERP system may enlighten you to the sourcing process for comparison to our primary text. Reference your organization’s sourcing guidance in your paper and use citations.

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