Organizational Event Experience Presentation

Create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of 8-12 slides per the instructions. Select a specific organization that has experienced positive or negative events(s) that can be shown to be related to the organization’s concepts covered to date. This organization should be one about which you have some knowledge (although you need not name it). It may be an organization of any general type. However, it must be a particular organization, company, firm, or organizational unit or team, not a whole industry, not a global institution, or an entire government agency or department. In the presentation: 

State the following:

1.     Specify the organization and how you chose this organization, e.g., a group member worked there, a relative worked there, you have interacted with the organization, or you did a web search. 

2.     The positive/outcome or event that captured your attention. It is also possible that the outcome might be a lack of action by leadership. For example, you might know of an organization simply languishing, which is deserving of attention.  

3.     The evidence you are citing shows the organization’s status relative to the identified issue, e.g., website links, articles, Peer Review journals.

Given the readings and topics we’ve covered to date, complete the following: 

4.     Diagnose the organization according to its pursuit of or need for the change initiatives (or lack thereof) relative to the topics in the chapters covered. 

5.     Just as a doctor would diagnose illness in a patient (or wellness), draw conclusions about the status of the health and wellness of this organization.  

6.     Make the PPT interesting with relevant information in the items above, e.g., Company reports, SEC filings, videos, organization websites, peer-review journals, etc. Content should be approximately 8 to 12 slides plus a title slide and APA formatted reference slide, which are not part of the total slide count.

7.     The electronic file uploaded should include your last name, course, and assignment title, for example: Smith Final Assignment MBE 570.

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