Organizational Development Annotated Bibliography

Week 4: Annotated Bibliography

Your final research paper will be based on a topic of your choice related to an aspect of organizational development examined in this course (see list provided below). This assignment requires that you explore a key aspect of organizational development within a Fortune 1000 company. You may use the readings assigned in the class to supplement your research.

Grading Criteria – Annotated bibliography:

Please ensure that you review the grading criteria for this assignment carefully, to ensure that you receive the highest possible grade for your work! Read the instructions in detail before beginning this assignment. Please ask questions if necessary.

In order to complete this task, you will need to go into the library databases to find other articles. Prepare an annotated bibliography of articles collected to date on the topic selected. A sample annotated bibliography is provided in the Resources section. In addition, please refer to the reference below for more information on annotated bibliographies. This assignment is worth 10 percent of your grade.

Research Paper Topics:

  1. Organizational development
  2. Organizational culture
  3. Team development
  4. Diagnostic models
  5. Learning organizations
  6. Lewin’s Change Model
  7. Neuroscience in leadership
  8. Organizational Change

You will be required to prepare an annotated bibliography with some of the articles/books you plan to cite in your final project. A sample has been placed in the Resources section. This assignment is worth 10% of your grade .To be eligible for full credit, you are required to have 6-8 entries.

In order to complete this task, you will need to access the APUS library databases to find other articles. A sample annotated bibliography is provided below.

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