Organizational Behaviour

Exam Objectives and Evaluation Criteria:
• Select only 3 of the 4 situations given and report how you would handle each of them.
• There are no pre-judged right or wrong responses, but definitively and thoroughly tie at least one of the concepts or theories discussed in class to each of your responses. Mixing concepts will make your responses stronger, however!
• Objectives are to: (1) appropriately assess and address the situation presented; (2) describe what you would do regarding the situation, using appropriate concept(s) as your base of discussion; and (3) defend your position by means of reasoned analysis
• Simply put, just dazzle me with your brilliance! 

• Examination is “open book”; you may also use the internet.
• BUT… No consultations with colleagues!
• Please complete your exam and upload it to the Week 14 eLearning icon. Exams uploaded after this time will be considered late and subject to point deductions. Late exam submissions for a very good reason must be approved in advance!
• Please respond to only three of the four scenarios/questions presented. If you respond to all four I can evaluate only the first three.
• Please specify the scenario/question numbers to which you are responding; don’t make me have to guess…
• Format should be double-spaced, 12-pitch, and New Roman Times,
Calibri or Arial font.
• IF you draw significantly from outside sources, you must use the APA citation/reference protocol. If you use only in-class sources (such as lectures/discussions/notes or eLearning) there is no need to cite.
• I hope to have all exams reviewed before our Week 15 class period.

Choose Three of the Situations/Questions Below

  1. You are CEO of a marketing company and now represent a new technology that has the potential to virtually capture the entire market in its sector, and thereby eliminate the competition.
  • Before you avail yourself of this unique opportunity, what factors should you consider vis-à-vis the long-term viability of this new possibility? Will your competition just sit back and accept your moves?
  • Though grabbing the market may be an attractive (and perhaps even warranted!) option, what might you want to consider as an alternative strategy as you implement your plan?
  1. You are a high-profile business leader. Tell me what you know about the relative importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, and their interconnectivities.
  2. You are sitting peaceably in your office when suddenly a renowned journalist bursts in with cameras and microphones, stating that your R&D people have reportedly fabricated your product’s performance data.
  • As the leader of the relevant business unit, what should you do now?
  • What could you have possibly done in the past to discourage this from happening to you? What future actions should you consider?
  1. On eLearning (Week 11, Ethics) you will find the video entitled “It’s Judgment That Defeats Us.” Review this video again (we viewed it in class during Week 11) and react to it. Through the lenses of Ethics and Morality, reflect on whether Colonel Kurz is correct in his assessment. Is he right, or is he wrong, or both? Did his perceived change of circumstances warrant an Ethical/Moral change?
  • (Important Note 1: Please be assured that there is no right or wrong response to this question. Any position you take is going to be correct, so long as you defend it. The only point of evaluation will revolve around how you justify the position you take.)
  • (Important Note 2: The context of the video is a U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel in Vietnam who possibly underwent an Ethical/Moral change due to the things he had seen [especially one event in particular]. As a result his superiors perceived that he had radically modified the way he approached his mission in Vietnam, leading them to send someone to stop him.)

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