Organizational Assessment Report

Overview: Assessing the needs of your organization carefully and systematically is important to accurately identify the problem to be addressed. For this assignment, you will write the report based upon your assessment of your own and your organization’s current status related to

  1. A culture that supports continued growth and development,
  2. Specific HRD practices and processes that exist, and
  3. Based upon the status, you will identify a situation that needs attention — a problem of practice.
    • It is this problem of practice that you will address in the Course Project Action Plan due in week 6. As such, review the Course Project overview [Note to Writer: Course Project Overview is attached] carefully. It is essential that you identify a problem that can be addressed by implementing HRD related processes and practices(interventions).
    Instructions: In the assessment phase of this project, you will use your data collection and analysis skills to assess need(s) and create a needs assessment report. Include in your needs assessment report:
    • Context Setting of Organization
    • Data Collection and Analysis Methods
    • Key Findings
    o Identify the key findings based upon your interpretation of the data framed with the following information:
     Describe the existing cultural values and practices related to learning that help all identify and work on their weaknesses.
     Summarize key findings in terms of the data you have collected with connections to relevant theories related to the organization’s current status of culture and values related to learning.
     Organize your findings based on these categories:
    o Current status of the culture (Kegan’s “home”)
    o Current status of practices (Kegan’s “groove”)
    o Current status of weaknesses that can be learning opportunities (Kegan’s “edge”)
    • Identified Problem of Practice
    o The problem must be related to employee learning, HRD functions, employee engagement, or a closely related issue.
    o The problem should be based on the collective perspectives noted from the data collection you have conducted thus far and should not be merely what you believe the problem should be.
    Formatting Requirements:
    • The body of this paper should be at least 5 pages (not including the title page, references, or appendices).
    • Thoroughly review the Assignment Guidelines [Note to writer: Assignment Guidelines is attached] for detailed instructions and criteria for each of the items listed above.
    o This report should not include suggested solutions. Refer to Week 2’s Recommended Resources [Note to writer: Week 2’s Recommended Resources is attached] for help with data analysis.
    • Use sub-headings for each section, and format your sub-headings according to the APA format and college’s Writing Standards. Use the following structure as you create your report. Incorporate other organizing subheadings as necessary:
    o Context Setting
    o Data Collection and Analysis Methods
    o Findings
    o Identified Problem of Practice
    Notes: You will need permission from a leader and willing collaboration of peers for this assignment.

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