Oral Presentation

Final Project & Oral Presentation

1) For the final project, students will address an organizational issue (leadership, diversity, organizational systems, restructuring, etc.) and develop a case study paper.

2) Students will develop a powerpoint presentation describing their final project.


For the final project, create a research paper to address an organizational issue utilizing content covered during the course. The project must be 6-8 pages in length (NOT including title/cover page, abstract, references-THESE pages do NOT count in total page length) using APA 6th Edition guidelines. DO NOT ADD extra spacing between paragraphs or lines, large fonts-follow APA formatting. Students will utilize textbook materials and other scholarly resources in order to create the final paper.CITE ALL CONTENT PROPERLY (or it is considered plagiarism which will earn a zero grade). MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL HEADINGS TO INDICATE EACH SECTION OF YOUR PAPER. USE SCHOLARLY RESEARCH, textbook, journals, articles (keep websites as a resource to a minimu). YOU CAN TAKE OFF THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY OR USE ABC/XYZ COMPANY FOR CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES.

The introduction section of a paper is intended to provide the background information that is essential for the reader to understand the nature and scope of the problem you have selected and why you are researching the problem. The introduction helps the reader better understand the focus of your proposed research effort. Key literature citations may be included in the introduction to reinforce the need for researching the proposed topic and build credibility for your proposed research. The introduction is NOT intended to be exhaustive! The minimum standard for the introduction is generally three paragraphs, or approximately one to two pages in length.

Problem Statement
The problem statement provides a brief description of a specific problem that you hope to resolve as a result of conducting your research. It should be clear, concise, definitive, unambiguous and readily understood by anyone who reads it. While you may find it difficult to adequately express your central problem so briefly, the underlying reason behind this approach is to force you to focus on the central problem you will be examining and express it clearly and concisely. (Consider: why is this topic worthy of research, does this issue or problem need addressing/changing, if so what changes do you recommend, do you have a strategy in place, what impact will there be on employees, leadership, community, society).

Content (Analysis)
Analysis of an organizational issue. Focus on your organization/OR an organization you have researched, directly related to course objectives (such as: culture, leadership, diversity, teams, motivation, politics, communication, change, innovation, etc.)

Summary and Conclusions
Summary is a brief statement of the essential findings. Findings state facts; conclusion represents inferences drawn from the findings. Include recommendations for changes or improvements, it does not have to be long or complicated, should be concise and straightforward.

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