OR1 Oral – Management Team Business Meeting Simulation

Please read this assessment brief in its entirety before starting work on the Assessment Task.

Check the marking rubric at the end of this brief for details on how you will be assessed.  

The Assignment Task

You are to act as a member of the Board of Directors for Unilever, a British global conglomerate company (multi-industry company). The company’s Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) has forwarded a proposal for international expansions on existing products considering the countries Vietnam and Laos using two entry strategies. The product for Vietnam is POT Instant Noodle and for Laos is Cornetto. You are to argue and debate why the company should select one country (preferably Vietnam), one product POT noodle; and the entry strategy that you will choose and justify over the others.


You are to hold a top management team business meeting simulation in 60 minutes to debate on some of the key challenges that the company might face embarking on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the implications of investing in a different market. Use relevant business theories to support your analysis.   

Your participation will be assessed based on how you articulately address the 4 agendas using theoretical frameworks, data and statistics.

15 (minutes) (500 words)– critically discuss and consider the potential international markets (Vietnam and Laos) to commit FDI based entry mode (location choice), including the rationale for the expansion and market attractiveness (e.g. you will have to refer to the market selection process and why the selected market is the most promising for your company/product). 

10 (minutes) (400 words) – critically discuss and consider the existing global product for the market and why the selected product would suit that market (e.g. you will have to refer to standardisation or adaption strategies).

10 (minutes) (500 words) – critically discuss and consider the FDI mode (e.g. you will have to refer to the FDI entry mode and why this the most suitable for your company) considering advantages/ disadvantages. 15 (minutes) (400 words)-  make necessary recommendations on action planning and timing of the investment, including market and non-market strategies that the company could apply (e.g. you will refer to how your company can be competitive in the selected market; how can your company influence public opinion, etc.).

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