Operations In Psychology


Please write a reflection paper about the provided article, using the sample paper I’ve attached as a reference to how it’s supposed to look. Reflection Paper assignments (RPs), as the name implies, will require you to reflect upon and think critically about the assigned reading and present those thoughts in a logical, well organized, and concise manner. Communicating your ideas clearly will, of course, require proper grammar and correct spelling. (Grammar and spelling errors detract greatly from the points the writer is attempting to make.) The papers will be written in APA style (double-spaced with one inch margins all around; see OWL at Purdue or other reputable resources regarding APA Style), and will be approximately one-and-a-half to two pages long. Please be as concise as possible, while still clearly expressing your arguments. (Longer is not necessarily better.) Papers must be submitted in MS Word. Please adjust the line-spacing on Word in line with APA Style. Title and reference pages are required (abstracts are neither required nor permitted). No ‘outside’ sources are permitted.

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