Online Studies



We are only using this College students

  • Materials/Measures

Discuss only the items you are using, not all of the survey items

  • Procedure
  • Participants will complete a survey on GoogleForms that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Survey responses are confidential. 

I have explained each section below:

  • Participants: Who were the participants in the study? How did you recruit them? How many people are in your sample (N- you won’t know this number util after data collection), what is the average age (M,SD), percent male/female?
  • Materials/Measures: This is where you will explain the measures you used to answer your research question. You will want to break down this section into further sections such as:

Questionnaire A (NAME IT SOMETHING THAT REFLECTS WHAT YOU ARE MEASURING)- for example- Academic success- list the items you used to measure academic success- Provide example items and the scale of measurement.

  • Questionnaire B (NAME IT SOMETHING THAT REFLECTS WHAT YOU ARE MEASURING) Mindset- list the items that you used to measure mindset  Provide example items and the scale of measurement (1-strongly disagre to 5-strongly agree)

Demographics- list any demographics that you used to analyze your data (age, gender, etc)

Procedure: How did you conduct your study? Think of it like a recipe- include details relevant for replication

  1. (I will attach the sample and survey)

I attached the survey and sample paper.The sample is long and has actual data. this is a convenience sample put the materials in the measures they’re going to discuss only the measures only the questions that you’re using not all of the survey item so this is where you’re going to need to go through the survey and pick out the questions that you’re going to want to be used for the data analysis part of this project end in the procedure so what is it the participants are doing I also included some information see her about how the survey is being conducted or distributed now I have even more detailed information under each of these sections so you have these three sections participants materials are measures and procedure and then I have more information here so for example in the participants do you normally going to include the sample size obviously when you turn this project or this method section in this week you won’t have the number right that’s fine just leave that blank you could put in equals and represents the sample size same thing with the average age and the gender of participants materials and measures so this is where you’re explaining the item that you use in your birth certificate research question for example if your research question is about social media use impacting academic engagement or success you’re going to have one section of this material to measure section titled social media use and then you’re going to say something about social media was assessed by asking participants how much time is spent on social media we also asked questions about social media in relation to distractions  then you’re going to name the survey item that you you couldn’t provide examples do an example item would be I feel social media distracts me from completing my course work if that’s an item that you decided to you the next section is going to be all about academic success right so maybe you’re going to use GPA maybe you’re going to use whether or not the student feels like see what they were being there are successful in their courses whatever items you hit that you think get out that research question align finally there’s always a section on demographics within your measures so did my Graphics include things like age gender qualifying for free or reduced lunch things like that so it’s up to you what demographic variables you want to use in your study you’re always going to have the age and the gender in there and then the procedure which is literally just how you conducted the study how was this study conducted how was it distributed right how did participants fill out the survey 

the survey is related to the method like by How do students’ perceptions of online classes influence retention, engagement, and course success ?Does social media use impact academic engagement? How engaging is learning on Zoom compared to learning in person ?What factors contribute to how students perceive a community college education compared to a 4-year education ?How do access to resources during the pandemic contribute to academic success?

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