Online Meetings


Here are your Discussion Board Questions for Chapter 4. You must answer the first one and any two of the others. These are worth 30 points.

1. Discuss the many ways people choose whether to date and whom to date. Some people meet at work, some through friends, some at church or other social functions, and some over the Internet. How do people meet people to date. Discuss the filter concept of dating, and what factors help people decide if they are going to date someone or not (age, race, education, religion). Mention propinquity (the proximity of people geographically) and how this has changed with the Internet.

Answer any TWO of the following.

!. How have assertive females, workplace romances, and online meetings changed the rules of dating?

2. Compare and contrast the closed and open courtship systems.

3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online dating. Explain whether or not you believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

4. Describe scholar Caryl Rusbult’s four responses to a deteriorating relationship.

5. How does technology make breaking up more complicated than it once may have been? Give examples.


For this week’s DB Questions, answer the first question and 2 or the other 4 questions. These are worth 30 points. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1. Discuss the topic “What is love?” Consider the following in your answer. Does love require sexual intimacy? How does love relate to close friendship, love of humankind in general, and familial love. What makes the difference between these types of love. Is love just physical attraction. For example, a person may have a friend whom he or she is physically attracted to, but the person realizes that this would not be a good match for love.

Answer 2 of the following 4 questions:

Compare and contrast how love was viewed by the ancient Greeks and Romans versus Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and discuss how these views apply to romantic and companionate love.

Identify and explain two of the five major theories of the origins of love and assess to what extent these theories relate to the six styles of love.

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of jealousy.

Identify the major characteristics of mature and immature love.


Define the difference in ethics and morals and then discuss the ethical versus moral aspect of the actions of the main characters. Just because an action is moral does not mean it is ethical and vice versa. Include how symbolism, physical setting, and historical setting impact your judgment of these characters and their actions.

You will include a secondary source for each primary source. That means you should use the articles you found that support your topic for Trifles, “Sweat,” and “The Storm.”Each body paragraph should have at least two direct quotes (one from the literary work and one from the secondary source).

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