NYC Neighborhood Profile

This completed assignment is the product of Internet-based epidemiological fact-finding.
Using the “Environmental & Health Data Portal” of the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s website ( and overall community health profiles for each neighborhood can be found here: students will be required to describe the most recently available epidemiological data of a NYC neighborhood in the following public health areas:
1) Asthma & the Environment;
2) Climate & Health;
3) Housing & Health;
4) Outdoor Air & Health; and
5) Overall Community Health (making specific note of any interesting health outcomes).
Students should summarize their findings in each of these areas, specifically discussing the current health outcomes in this neighborhood in comparison to NYC as a whole.
Moreover, the paper should identify potential determinants of the current health outcomes and potential interventions for improving health (at various levels of influence). The paper should finish with original thoughts (connecting their findings to course readings and discussions). Students should use the NYC Neighborhood Health Profile Paper template to complete the assignment.

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