Child Poverty

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Children’s Report
Directions: 150 points possible – Refer to the Grading Rubric
1. Go to
• Scroll down to Child Poverty
• Look at the statistical analysis for poverty in Texas in the areas of Poor and Extremely Poor Children by Age, 2018, Number of Poor Children by Race/Ethnicity, 2018, and Percent of Poor Children by Race/Ethnicity, 2018. Choose AT LEAST two more states. Try to find out which state has the best record in supporting children and families. *States are ranked 1-50 with 1 meaning the lowest child poverty rate and 50 meaning the highest child poverty rate.
• Look at the areas of Housing and Homelessness, Child Welfare, and Education. Compare the statistics for the three states that you chose.
Additional resources:

Writing Assignment Instructions:
• Based on the information you found, write a minimum 3-page paper (double spaced; 12 pt. font). Be sure that your writing is a summary and not merely copying directly from the reports you read.
• Make comparisons between states in various categories. What surprises you about this information? What does not surprise you? How can this information be helpful to educators and child and family advocates? This material was gathered before Covid19. Do you think these statistics look any different now at the end of 2020?
• Use a chart/graph to show your comparison information between states as a part of your paper. (This is in addition to your 3-page information report). REQUIRED
• Draw your own conclusions about state commitments to children and families in poverty and how it applies to teacher education.

ECH 2305
150 Points Professionally presented; few or no edits/errors. Includes a chart/graph comparing a minimum of 3 states in 3 categories. Very thorough investigation and insightful discussion and comparisons. Includes 3 comparisons (including TX.) Includes insightful reflection on data and the plight of children and families. Applications to teacher education are evident.

125 Points Professionally presents; few edits/errors. Includes investigation and comparisons. Includes 3 state comparisons (including TX.). Written discussion is complete. Some application to teacher education.

100 Points Neatly presented; some edits/errors. Includes 3 state comparisons (including TX.) Includes some comparison/reflection/application.

75 Points Not sufficient state comparisons. Brief or incomplete paragraph discussions. Little evidence of reflection on the information. No application to teaching or working with children and families. Several edits/errors; no evidence of careful editing.

50 Points Assignment not complete; does not meet intent of assignment. Too brief. Numerous edit/errors; no evidence of editing. No reflections. No applications to teacher education.

Children’s Report
Things to Avoid
1. Awkward sentence structure
• Fragments
• Run-on sentences
• Long paragraphs
2. Word choice – i.e. “kids”
3. Personal comments – wow, mind-blowing, extremely sad
4. Reflected back data with no application
5. Lack of opening and closing paragraphs

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