Nursing Progress

Question 1

John is a 60-year old male admitted into a rehabilitation unit post left hip replacement. John is complaining of pain and is reluctant to move out of bed, despite being encouraged by doctors and nurses.
Identify 2 actual nursing diagnoses and one potential nursing diagnoses, relevant to John’s condition.
Outline three nursing interventions in correctly formatted nursing progress notes.

Question 2

Are the findings externally valid, that is generalisable? Specifically:

-Can the findings be applied to the source population from which the study population was derived?

-Can the study results be applied to other relevant populations?

Question 3

What is the Significance of Jewish Culture on Palliative Care Nursing? Showcase with the help of a poster.

Question 4

Write a Case Study on the Topic:

Topic:The Australian Healthcare system is founded on the concept of equity of access. Discuss this statement with relation to the concept of effectiveness and efficiency and any interrelationships that may exist.

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