Western Capitalist Culture

Read chapters 31 & 32 (vol. I) in Karl Marx (book attached in files)
Read chapters 7, 5 & 9-10 in Max Weber (book attached in files)

Answer Discussion Question: In Weber’s critique of the historical development of Capitalist culture in the West, he argues that Protestant Christian morality was co-opted to justify systemic cruelty to the poor. How can we see Capitalist culture perpetuating an ethic of ultimate ends over one of responsibility? What are the moral shortcomings of ethics of ultimate ends according to Weber? How do bureaucratic social systems, by virtue of how they are structured and function, supportive of viewing ethics instrumentally? Is this an unavoidable characteristic of basing a society on zweckrational thinking?

***Posts must include BOTH ASA style in-text citations and full ASA style references at the end.****

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