Nursing and Rehabilitation

110 FM 64 Cooper, Texas 75432
Original build date 1964/65
Total available beds -100 in fifty rooms. Current occupancy rate – 44 of 100. Approximately 75 % are NON-AMBULATORY residents.

Building Classification – TYPE III Construction, NFPA type 3 (2-1-1) construction. All building construction is “ORDINARY CONSTRUCTION” wood-based framing with brick exterior walls. Interior finishes include ordinary materials. The facility is a basic pin wheel design, one large foyer, or hub, which is the main nurse’s station and six halls, or spokes. Each hall contains both residents living quarters and offices. Currently the establishment also has rooms converted into a beauty shop, offices, and two laundry facilities. There are a total of four outside storage buildings, one wood framed, and the others are steel/aluminum.
Roof system – wooden truss type, with minimal pitch on the 6 halls. Each hall has composite shingles. The Foyer is raised, completely constructed of brick, and has a metal roof with a suspended ceiling with ceiling tiles. Additional Fire loads consist of two HVAC units on each hall along with exterior ducting. Between halls 3 and 4 is the cafeteria. This area has an exterior vent hood from the kitchen area.
Fire Protection system(s) – Exterior FDC connection for the fire system pump that supplies the sprinklers which are located throughout the facility. This is a Grinnel WET system. The facility also has an interior fire/smoke alarm system with the main fire control panel being located in the foyer near the main nurse’s station. Alarm pull stations are located in each hall one at the hall entrance and one near the end of the hall. Smoke detectors are located in each hall as well. No alarms/detectors in residence rooms. The cafeteria/kitchen area has a vent hood with an ANSUL wet system installed. Additional smoke detectors and alarm pull stations are located in the cafeteria area along with a noted “FIRE BLANKET”. Fire extinguishers are located in each hall, 2 per hall and in the foyers, common areas. It is important to note that all fire suppression systems were installed after the original build date in 1964/65. The facility does have a new backup generator in place to supply emergency power to the entire comply. Each hall has an emergency exit door located at the end of the hall. Note that the establishment does NOT have standpipes to support fire department fire suppression activities.
This complex is single story, no basement, no stairs, no conveyor systems, no elevators, no vertical shafts or utility chases,. Each electrical breaker box was noted with external locking mechanisms to limit access. Oxygen is NOT plumbed into residence rooms, those requiring O2 are issued tanks and carts. Each room requiring 02 is marked on the exterior of the residence door with a placard. Oxygen is stored in a marked room at the entrance to hall number four. Fire doors are located at the entrance to each hall. No certification plate or information about ratings could be found on the doors.
Current staff to resident ratio are daytime 1 nurse to 6 residents and night 1 to 9. Additional facility employees are available to assist in an evacuation. All staff requirements are in line with State set standards. The establishment did just undergo a state inspection and passed with no written violations or concerns. The City Fire Marshall is set to do a walkthrough November 22, 2023.

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