Numerous Forms

This chapter addressed numerous forms of stress and threats to the wellbeing of police officers through direct assault, different aspects of stress that occur, and hazards to which officers are otherwise exposed. Your analyses thus far have looked at the police agencies. Now we look inward. If you are employed in a police or other law enforcement agency, in consideration of the links provided below, what resources will you seek or other be certain are available to you to mitigate, reduce, or resolve threats and stress to you – and, by extension, your fellow officers, family, and the public?

Specific assignment:

Review the links provided and the chapter materials of the issues that threaten the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of police officers (some of the links go to materials that are quite long; this is not a reading assignment – just review the materials). Identify one or more threats to you as a stressor, physical, or emotional risk and determine how you can proactively locate and provide resources that will help to reduce the risk that you will be harmed by the risks and consequences of events that routinely occur in the performance of your duties.

Upon your review and analysis, identify the risk / hazard that concerns you, how it would interfere with your ability to perform your job as a police officer, and what you will do or resources you will seek to mitigate this risk / consequences.

The assignment must be submitted in APA format, be four text pages (including reference pages), with citations to your sources. Please remember that all sources consulted should appear in your references and that citations are needed for assertions of fact that are not “common knowledge” or otherwise subject to debate. This assignment expects you to consider the issues raised from a first-person perspective and, for this assignment, writing in the first-person is acceptable.

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