NPO Corporation Assignment

Part I

Select and respond to two of the following four questions. The response will be evaluated on how well you integrate and site specific course concepts from the lecture notes, course readings and any other sources you may wish to include. Use APA Style for citing sources.

“Making the Connection” between an NPO and a large corporation seems like an organizational matter with complicated, impersonal forces. Yet people still matter, according to Austin. Why is the human element so important? Discuss and illustrate.
Why is a “full fit” between the missions and activities of partners in a strategic relationship not absolutely necessary? How can it work otherwise? Discuss and illustrate.
What is the value of theoretical models like the “Collaboration Continuum,” CARE’s “ Framework to guide the corporate partner selection process,” a “ Partnership Purpose and Fit Statement,” and a “Collaboration Value Construct?” Discuss and illustrate.
Define strategic as it applies to partnerships. Give examples of how strategic thinking can make or break a successful affiliation. Is such an approach always necessary?

Part II

Choose two of the nonprofit organizations you’ve read about in the various NPO websites you’ve visited this term. Compare and contrast their approach to and execution of partnerships. Include:

How did these organizations pursue their partners, or partnerships, or were they recruited by a partner?
What were the reasons/rationales behind the decision to partner?
How did both partners benefit in the arrangements?
Were these partnerships truly strategic? What makes you think so?

Part III

If you were planning to design and develop a strategic partnership, how would you go about it? What steps and/or thought processes would be involved? Please describe your plan/objectives.

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