Normal Function

Question 1

your course text. In your initial post:

  • Briefly describe the normal function of these three systems and associated organs.
  • Choose and briefly describe one chronic disease or disorder for each of the three systems and explain how the diseases/disorders alter the normal function.
  • Examine potential causes for the disease or disorder and list signs and symptoms that indicate the disease has developed.
  • Analyze actions people can take to reduce their risk of developing the chronic disease or disorder. Briefly explain how these actions would impact the environment.

Question 2

Symptoms and Treatments of Achondroplasi Disease:
Write about these points thoroughly and completely with citations please.
– Age of honest
– Symptoms of disease with appropriate illustrations and figure labels.
– Cells/Organ(s)/System(s) of the body most affected.
– Treatments and Prognosis.
– Additional information relevant to the topic.

Question 3

Short answer please!

What similarities and differences exist between the classification of cause of death and the classification of diseases?

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