Noise And Light Pollution

Formulated the answer to the topic/question below within a separate document.
Integrate information from the resources provided and external to develop and support your answers.
Your answer will be scored on completeness, correctness, clarity, and conciseness, and the degree of synthesis and application of the related concepts. Topic/Question: A regional airport plans to expand to increase flight volume by 50% – adding new runways, a larger terminal, and a new tower. You are an environmental expert who has been asked by the city manager to evaluate the noise pollution impacts to both the residents of a surrounding neighborhood and the wildlife in a nearby wildlife refuge. Using the reference material knowledge of the nature of sound and the impacts of noise pollution, discuss four potential impacts – two human and two environmental – of noise pollution and present a solution for how the city could ask airport developers to mitigate each impact.
Hint: Review “Noise and Light Pollution” in the Module 9 Lesson. Reference material
Words: 900
Format: APA in a word document
References: 4
*Please ensure the rubric (located on the NEXT page of this document) is met to the highest standard.

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