New Direction

Question 1


1. Define the Federalist position at the time of the ratification of the Constitution. How do Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson move the country in new directions following the administrations of the Federalists? Look at the way Jefferson and Jackson extend political rights and look at those who are left out of their administrations. Overall what are the long range contributions of the Ages of Jefferson and Jackson and what problems still needed to be addressed?

2. Describe the major underlying political, economic and social causes of the Civil War and at least five major events of the 1850s that lead to the Civil War. Was the war inevitable? Conclude with a summary of the causes of the Civil War and give an evaluation of why the North is able to win the war.

Question 2

Locate and discuss a recent article where a state or local criminal law has been challenged on a constitutional basis (i.e., void-for-vagueness, free speech, second amendment, etc.). Include the citation or link for your article.

Question 3

elaborate briefly on burglary under constitutional protection in the US 150 words maximum


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