Nevada’s Experiences

In the introduction the editors of Uncovering Nevada’s Past have some interesting things to say about using sources, and how they can be interpreted by historians to provide information about the past.
Read the introduction, then consider what it says about how we know what we know about history (an awkward sentence, sorry). On the second page of the intro, the editors ask some questions I want you to respond to: What records of your life will be available to historians in 100 years? Will those bits provide an accurate picture of your life? In 250-500 words, answer these questions.

Chapter 1 of Uncovering Nevada’s Past has three sources – a topographical map of Nevada; two short intros by the book’s editors; and a excerpt from Mark Twain’s book Roughing It.
In 250-500 words, discuss how Twain perceived Northern Nevada’s physical environment versus how present-day residents and visitors view the region. What are some of the reasons for these different opinions?

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