Neurological Integration

Review this week’s required resources, especially the MDFT website.

  • Editor’s note, Preface, and pp. 1–123 of Child Development: A Practitioner’s Guide.
  • The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

“Ainsworth Strange Situation” 

“Ainsworth’s Strange Situation Research” 

“Avoidant Attachment Strange Situation” 

“Allan Schore Neurobiology of Secure Attachment”

  • From a Multidimensional Family Therapy framework, describe how neurological integration can be associated with adolescent depression, anxiety, or other presenting problems for adolescents. Consider what you read in Week One about trauma and its influence on brain functioning and development.
    • Structural
    • Narrative
    • Solution-focused
    • Bowenian
    • Cognitive-behavioral family therapy
    • Emotionally focused family therapy (EFFT)Select one of the following MFT models, and discuss its application to adolescents and their families. Include the incorporation of creative expressive methods.
  • if possible please use 4-5 references

Application of MFT Models Rubric

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