Networking And Technologies

You are to find an article that deals with networking, networking technologies, or Internetworking (WANs) and technologies. Your review of the article must be at least 2 pages in length, but must NOT be more than 3 pages total. Make sure to double space the body of the document, and use a 12 pt font (Arial, Calibri, Cambria or Times New Roman), The article review MUST be written using the following format:
Upper right corner of document:
• Your Name
• Date
• Article Number
Below this information the following (Left justified):
• Title of article
• Article Date
• Article source (if a web site put the link here)
• Article Author (if none then put none)
Summary of the article. In a page or less summarize the main content of the article.
Comments. In this section, a page or less, discuss what you thought about the article and use such methods as compare/contrast to other information, or critically examine the article information for its relevance and/or accuracy.
So, about 2 pages (ideally), but you can go to 3 pages if needed. Also, reviews need to be current – 2018 or newer.
Here is an example format:
John Doe
Jan 20, 2019
Article 1
Title of article: “Cisco adds tools to scale wide-area video”

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