TASK: Select a conflict scenario you have had or experienced watching. The paper will be a conflict that you have been a part of and will reflect on tying and weaving as many of the concepts, tools, theories (**see list below)and the “10 Miscellaneous Tips” document. The 6 Jesuit values are also linked in Course Resources for easier access.
1. Explain the scenario, the characters, the context of time, location, etc. As much as you can to help us “see” the scenario.
2. Dissect the conflict using as many terms, theories, tools we have read, seen in our readings in Worldclass, ( see list of the theories at the bottom)
3. Assess what specific things worked, what specific things did not work, and provide suggestions on what
would have improved the likelihood of a win-win…no judging, taking it as lessons learned.
4. Include as the last part of this 3rd paper (aside from your conflict task, not part of the conflict in your paper) your linking of each of the 6 Regis Jesuit principles to specific points/examples or things learned from the course…and how this will help you grow as an effective, ethical Jesuit citizen.
** List of terms/concepts to include in your paper (not totally inclusive): Issue; positions; underlying interests; power; barriers to communication/overcoming those barriers; trust; perspective taking Oz: Brain, Heart, Courage; chapter 3 theories… I.E. Identity theory (identity salience), mutual gains theory; impasse; JoHari window; “Noise”;ego; reframing; history, Best Alternatives to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); planning; silence.

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