Negotiation Situations

Question 1

There are 3 types of ADR’s (alternative dispute resolution) which are mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages in each and compare them to each other. The paper should be about 6-9 pages in length, space and a half. Any footnotes/bibliography should be included at the end of the paper on a separate sheet. A cover page with the title of the paper and the conclusion should analyze the topic from both sides of the issue and have a conclusion that shows thoughts/suggestions about my point of view.

Question 2

Purpose of the Negotiation (250-300 words)

  • Characteristics of negotiations (why negotiate)
    • Discuss the purpose of negotiations in the supply chain.
    • Discuss at least 2 situations where negotiation is appropriate.
    • Discuss at least 2 common negotiation situations.

Question 3

  • What were the facts of the conflict?
  • Based on the facts, assess which strategy you took when approaching the conflict?
  • What approach did the other party take?
  • Was there a final resolution or is it ongoing? Appraise the outcome and discuss what you would have changed and why?
  • the five strategies for conflict management are: Compromising, yielding, problem-solver, contending, and inaction.

Discussion two

Watch the following video and answer the questions that follow:

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

In the situation, what conflict styles (contending, yielding, inaction, problem-solving, or compromising) did each employee present? If you were Chris, how would you proceed?

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