Negotiation Paper

Write a 1500-words research essay on one of the two topics below, and respecting the guidelines presented in class and posted online.


1. After a longstanding set of negotiations, Iran signed a nuclear deal with the internal community in April 2015. How does realist theory help us to make sense of this agreement? In this paper, you will have to address both the nature of the agreement and the reasons why it was difficult to achieve.

2. Europe is currently facing its most severe refugee crisis since the end of World War II.

How does constructivist theory help to make sense of Europe’s inability to provide an efficient united response to the crisis? In this paper, you will have to address both the nature of Europe’s response and the reasons why it is difficult to act in a united manner.

Question 2

Diego’s wine company has selected 200 wine club members to ship 1 bottle of its new wine for sampling. The 200 wine bottles are packaged and ready to ship. The cost of labor and materials to prepare for shipment is $45.00. The rates for shipping are: $16.50/ package international $ 8.90/ package domestic (in the US)

a. Write a simplified polynomial to express the total cost to distribute the wine bottles if Diego ships b bottles within the US and the rest internationally.

b. How much will it cost Diego to ship 75 bottles domestically and the rest internationally?

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