For the discussion this week, you will select a specific legal doctrine related to negligence and explain what the doctrine is, who it benefits, and a specific example [actual, not “made up”] or court case that represents the legal doctrine. Use a specific segment of the hospitality industry [lodging, food service, travel/tourism, meeting planning] to frame your explanation and discussion. Please include Barth, S. (2012). Introduction to hospitality law: Managing legal issues in the hospitality industry. (4th ed). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons as one of the references
The legal doctrine I chose for the assignment is Respondeat Superior the case you will be referencing is:
Sayles v. Piccadilly Cafeterias
Supreme Court of VirginiaNov 8, 1991242 Va. 328 (Va. 1991)242 Va. 328410 S.E.2d 632

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