Negative Evaluation Scale

Discuss the purpose of these tests/scales below, how you might use them, and how they are scored.

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS)

Fear Of Negative Evaluation Scale (FNES)

Mattick, R. P., Clarke, J. C., Clark, D. B., Feske, U., Masia, C. L., Spaulding, S. A., … Shear, M. K. (1997). Social Phobia Scale. Depression and Anxiety6, 47–61.

Panic and Agoraphobia Scale

Bandelow, B. (1999). Panic and Agoraphobia Scale. R

Revised Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression

Warren, W. L. (1994). Revised Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.

Davidson Trauma Scale

Davidson, J. (1996). Davidson Trauma Scale.

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