Negative Effects Of Diabetes


Identify and outline an appropriate study design (~3 pages

State which study design you will choose and rationalize your selection based on the objective(s) stated in Part I. 

Explain why you did not select other study designs. 

  • Clearly define the study population and the study groups. 
  • Sketch a simple diagram to show the main components and the chronological order of the study.
  • • Identify the possible sites to recruit study participants (study groups) and rationalize your selection of each study site. This include general population, hospitals and other organizations.

• Discuss how selection of the study participants will (or will not) affect your findings. 

Estimate the none-response % and list measures to minimize this issue. 

  • State clearly the risk factors (exposure) and the outcome and how you plan to measure them.
  • • Discuss how the method used to measure your outcome or exposure(s) will (or will not) affect your results.

• Outline the important confounders and how you plan to measure and deal with them.

• Provide an estimate for the time frame of your study

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