Needy individuals

This module you will be asked to provide information about the target population your agency will serve. Make sure to discuss the following:

  • What is the primary demographic make-up of your target population?
  • Will your staff require specialized training or certification to serve this population?
  • How will you address the needs of clients that come for service from differing cultures than the primary demographic?

Your submission should be 1-2 pages in length.

or your course project, you will be selecting the target population for your agency. Make sure you provide enough detail to address: What is the primary demographic make-up of your target population? Will your staff require specialized training or certification to serve this population? How will you address the needs of clients from differing cultures? Will you adopt a specific cultural model for a multicultural client base?



As a non-profit organization involved in health-supporting services aimed at ensuring people with low incomes has access to quality healthcare, Divine Heart Human Services is vulnerable to sustainability problems. Therefore, the organization can benefit from approaches that take advantage of social working with clients in a collaborative manner. This is why task-centered practices will be invaluable to the organization.

Task-centered practice is a wholesome technology used in the field of social work and is designed to provide a collaborative experience for both clients and practitioners on concise, achievable and measurable healthcare objectives (Kelly, 2008). Its design is brief but it can be applicable to a wide range of social work contexts including families, individuals and various social groups (Kelly, 2008). It is the creation of social work itself to incorporate evidence-based practice in the field. Throughout its existence, the task-centered practice has undergone numerous effectiveness research which has all come to confirm that it is an invaluable tool in the promotion of public health and creating a better environment for communities.

Having over four decades of experience, the task-centered practice has benefited from growth and maturity. It has become one of the best social work models to give power to clients to be independent in solving social health problems which affect them as a people. This practice has hence been incorporated in a variety of social work models.

This approach works in four steps which provide knowledge to practitioners on how to engage and work in a collaborative relationship with clients to determine a common ground based on a presenting problem and backed up by achievable and distinct objectives. The two then come up with an action program which contains the specific tasks for each one of them to address the presenting problem. Action programs are executed in relation to the common objectives being pursued. Most task-centered practices appreciate the importance of working with clients for certain periods through the entire six-month term (Reid & Epstein, 1972).

This approach is suitable for Divine Heart agency because it gives the agency an opportunity to serve the community by engaging them and using the available community dynamics. It presents an opportunity to save on the cost of helping the poor have access to healthcare by engaging them and allowing them to use their abilities to achieve the goals. This is a very economical and effective way of supporting communities, especially in the modern social work field with limited resources but with the ever-increasing need for human assistance. It will also help the agency create goals together with the community therefore, both parties will understand these goals and why it is important that they are achieved. By working closely with the clients, the agency will be able to understand the communities better and also discover any other problem that they might be facing.

Some of the advantages of this approach are that it is cheap and easy to use. The healthcare goals are shared between the clients and the agency. This allows the agency to concentrate on more serious issues and allow the clients to take care the parts of the objectives that are easy and do not require special attention. This makes all the efforts to help the communities very sustainable because the agency does not have to do everything on its own.


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mission statement of the organization (divine heart)

Founded on the pillars of compassion, care and love, the organization’s name is Divine Heart Human Services (DHHS) which centers on accommodating all individuals in need of care and help regardless of distinguishing diversities. DHHS is an organization focused on delivering prompt and adequate care services to persons with diverse special needs. Having identified an extensive need for attention to individuals with special needs in Miami, DHHS is orchestrated to deliver community-based care services embracing a non-profit approach across different age groups and special needs.

Among the various areas of focus with respect to delivery of special needs services are mental health services, developmental disabilities, addiction and substance abuse, foster care and autism. DHHS has taken the mandate upon itself to bring about the change and harmony desired in the society through the efforts of addressing special needs menace in the society.

Mission statement

To provide free, quality, reliable and effective human services through admission, treatment and comprehensive care of individuals with special needs in the community.

Needs within the scope of special needs in the Miami community have been on an upward trajectory.With respect to this, many individuals have been rendered hopeless putting into consideration financial requirements needed to wholesomely address some of the challenges faced are out of many patient’s abilities. DHHS is solidly firm in conviction that every individual has a right to a wholesome, happy and meaningful life regardless their financial abilities, and this is what DHHS is determined to do, going beyond the financial determinant and putting a smile on the faces of many. This will ultimately offer a safety net for many who are out of options and succumbing to their problems.

DHHS’ process of operation will involve development of customized system for each individual according to the various needs. This will facilitate for individualized attention which is the core of comprehensive care and quick recovery. The organization’s staff is characterized by competency, integrity, care and professionalism which are the hallmarks for quality delivery to the needy community of Miami. Based on the evident need in this community, DHHS is geared towards becoming an authority in special needs care and services through maintaining high standards of conduct and service to patients and other needy individuals in the community.

The organization is undeniably relevant to the Miami community on the basis of the intensive need for human services that has not been quenched. For example, many young people also adults have been caught in the meshes of addiction and substance abuse, significantly halting progress in their lives and ushering them into the plague of stagnation and dependency. In this regard, it is DHHS’ objective to offer a helping hand and a supportive shoulder to such individuals and whisper the voices of hope that the future is stills bright and promising.

Some low-income parents is this community have been rendered bankrupt because of the expenses associated with meeting healthcare service demands for their children with autism and developmental challenges. This is a need that cannot be ignored, seeing that the parents have no means of meeting such critical needs, and at the same time, these children require substantial support and care so as to give them an equal opportunity in life just like other normal children. These being just bust a few of the needs that call for attention, it is DHHS’ responsive measure to chip in and be the glimpse of hope for the Miami community through giving attention to the human needs of the needy individuals in the community.

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