Natural Scientist

Question 1

“Last night, there was this actress on TV talking about having colon cancer and saying that everybody over 50 should get tested. It brought back memories of my father’s cancer, how thin and weak he got before he went to the doctor, so that by the time they found the cancer it had already spread too far. But I don’t think I’m at risk. I only eat red meat two or three times a week, and I eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable at every meal. I don’t smoke, and I get plenty of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air working in the vineyard.”

Which lifestyle factors reduce Gustavo’s risk for cancer? What factors increase his risk? Would you recommend he increase his consumption of fruits and vegetables? Why or why not? If Gustavo were your father, would you urge him to have the screening test for colon cancer?

Answer the questions posed in the Nutri-Case provided above. Refer to the “in depth Cancer” discussion on pages 292-299 in “Nutrition: An Applied Approach” 5th edition (pp. 301-309 in the 4th edition) for further information.

Question 2

1. Why did you select your news story? What about the story makes it interesting to you both personally and scientifically?

2. What did you already know about the topic before selecting the news story? What opinions or assumptions had you made about it?

3. Which concepts covered in the course relate to your news story? How?

4. What question do you have about the topic in the news story? Select one question that interests you based on your topic exploration graphic organizer and previous responses.

5. Why would this question be important to a natural scientist?

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