National Brand Name

Question 1

This assignment is designed to the various identify how decisions impact a business. Corporations have an obligation to be ethical at all times. For this assignment, the student will identify potential ethical implications surrounding one decision made by senior leaders at the business.

Assignment Steps

Identify a business in your local community – this can be a locally owned store or a national brand name store. The business can either be: a) a locally owned business with which you are familiar, or b) a local location of a national chain store or business.

Develop an executive summary that does not exceed 500 words (max) that addresses the following specific items:

  • Identifies the specific business and provides a brief description of it
  • The specific business decision that was selected.
  • Identify the potential ethical implications associated with this decision.
  • Determine the effect this may have on the decision making process.
  • Identify how the organization applies corporate social responsibility to the business.
  • Discusses the application of critical thinking to corporate social responsibility.

Format the assignment consistent with requirements for an executive summary

Question 2

Imagine you’re thinking about buying a new car. Before making this important decision, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible to help make the right choice. Determine the level of trust that you would place in information provided by the following sources: a salesman at the car lot, the dealer’s Website, social media (i.e. Facebook), an associate from work, and a close friend. Discuss the key factors involved in assessing the amount of trust that you put into each source.

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